Shortly after the announcement of the controversial judgment of the Polish Constitutional Court, which introduces a practical ban on abortion in Poland, hundreds of thousands of women all over the country took to the streets. Once again, this time in the midle of the pandemic, they stood up to manifest their rights. For the government it was not the first attempt to ban abortion. The government has gone further – it has pushed the border again, which should not be moved. This time something broke in the women, something has changed. The strikes took a different form – they were still peaceful, but they became more direct. Obscene slogans appeared on the banners. However, how else express the powerlessness and frustration that has been growing for a long time when someone wants to decide about your health and life? Feeling of anger and human drama could be seen during the manifestations. The protests that took place every day were more and more dramatic – there were clashes with the police and counter-demonstrators from the fan community. This time the government was well prepared and using, inter alia, propaganda managed to crush the protests. This time the government won.